Presenting BlockAssert

Assertions are a great tool. As an Objective-C programmer, I use NSAssert and NSCAssert liberally. For various reasons, you sometimes can’t use NSAssert in a block easily. I’m going to explain why and describe a new macro, BlockAssert, which solves this.

ADC incidents

In the past, I’ve tried to avoid using ADC incidents. You get two a year per program, and most years I’ve avoided using any. This year, I decided to use them both the iOS ones up before renewing.

Wireless proxies may re-compress your files

If you’re downloading a file with widely-recognized lossy compression, your user’s cellular provider may interfere with it. This has always been true of internet connections; I first ran into this with dialup years ago. But it went away for a while with broadband, is back with wireless. The simplest example is a JPEG. You may… Continue reading Wireless proxies may re-compress your files

AFNetworking: a well managed open source project

Last week, I talked about Networking using NSURLConnection. In a future post, I’m going to talk about how to use AFNetworking. But first, I wanted to talk about why you should trust AFNetworking as a project in your project. I haven’t been using github for long. That said, AFNetworking is the best-managed git project I’ve… Continue reading AFNetworking: a well managed open source project

Using blocks to handle errors

In the past, I’ve talked about Using blocks to remove redundancy. But now I want to explain the pattern I’ve adopted since, which is my favorite block pattern of all. Even though it, too, is all about removing redundancy: handling errors. Although Objective-C supports exceptions, they’re not commonly used. A thrown exception is usually not… Continue reading Using blocks to handle errors

Networking using NSURLConnection

In a previous article, I mentioned how to handle 302/303 redirects to web services. But that’s a fairly advanced topic, and we should have built up to that. What I’m going to cover: The basics of networking using NSURLConnection, part of Apple’s Foundation framework. What I’m not going to cover: How to determine if a… Continue reading Networking using NSURLConnection