Apple has a sample code package called Reachability. It wraps an iOS framework called SystemConfiguration, and can be used to determine network status, and catch events about networking going up and down. In the past, it’s been an ugly chunk of sample code, but it’s pretty respectable now. One thing Reachability is not, however, is… Continue reading Reachability

Wireless proxies may re-compress your files

If you’re downloading a file with widely-recognized lossy compression, your user’s cellular provider may interfere with it. This has always been true of internet connections; I first ran into this with dialup years ago. But it went away for a while with broadband, is back with wireless. The simplest example is a JPEG. You may… Continue reading Wireless proxies may re-compress your files

AFNetworking: a well managed open source project

Last week, I talked about Networking using NSURLConnection. In a future post, I’m going to talk about how to use AFNetworking. But first, I wanted to talk about why you should trust AFNetworking as a project in your project. I haven’t been using github for long. That said, AFNetworking is the best-managed git project I’ve… Continue reading AFNetworking: a well managed open source project

Networking using NSURLConnection

In a previous article, I mentioned how to handle 302/303 redirects to web services. But that’s a fairly advanced topic, and we should have built up to that. What I’m going to cover: The basics of networking using NSURLConnection, part of Apple’s Foundation framework. What I’m not going to cover: How to determine if a… Continue reading Networking using NSURLConnection