I want my ↩!

Curiously, the iPhone and iPod touch are missing the ↩ glyph ((If you see a box it’s still missing)). I’m sure it’s missing because Apple never thought anyone would use it, but it’s being used as a footnote return character by John Gruber, Allen Pike and mx, among thousands ((ten thousands?)) more. Apple does respond […]

How not to do a 30 day trial

Well, I downloaded the trial of e, a poorly named but apparently quite capable text editor for Windows</a>. It was a 1.0 release and not very stable, so I uninstalled it on the first day I had it and waited for an update. I downloaded the update yesterday to discover The trial has 2 days […]

Windows Installers made… less painful

Let’s face it, deploying an application on Windows is never fun. We’ve been using WiX, which is about as unfun as one can possibly get. I actually think the exact number is slightly higher than this, but I’ve gotten used to saying “1,200 lines of XML to install 7 files.” Not a big deal, until […]


I bought a Apevia Q-XPACK 2 of these as a replacement to a Q-XPACK (i.e., the first model). Was pleasantly surprised to find a lot of the hardware is exactly the same as the Q-XPACK: motherboard tray, drive assembly. Install was really fast as a result. The sides/top of the case is the same size […]

Domain names

When I registered objectsatrest.com in 2004, I had a specific goal in mind. I wanted to create musical software, and I was commuting between Canada and the Philippines every few months. The name appealed to me because of the double meaning: Musical rest, and traveling. In time, I wanted to start a blog, and it […]

Qt part 1: Project configuration

We develop applications for multiple platforms here. How to do this is something of a challenge; in the past, I’ve favored writing custom interfaces and using common business logic. To be blunt, I still think this makes a lot of sense, although in the past we’ve made some choices as to the various languages to […]

Comparing Mac Minis to PowerBooks

I’ve been frustrated lately by slow build times on my mini. I found out why a few days ago, and have been from time to time adding a few notes to a draft article. The time has come to declare the article done An Xcode build on my personal PowerBook (it has 768MB of RAM), […]

Subversion trial

As a long time user of Perforce and a moderately experienced CVS user, I was glad to hear that our company was considering Subversion. I was even more happy to be part of the in-house trial of it.