Domain names

When I registered in 2004, I had a specific goal in mind. I wanted to create musical software, and I was commuting between Canada and the Philippines every few months. The name appealed to me because of the double meaning: Musical rest, and traveling. In time, I wanted to start a blog, and it became more out of default than anything else.

Years later, the desire to be able to write software independent of the company I work for arose in me again. But where? I still liked the objectsatrest name, even if it seemed I wasn’t likely to do musical software again. So I moved my blog to a new domain name I’d just registered and started thinking about the site.

In moving, I attracted the attention of the owner of, who wanted to upgrade to the .com domain if possible. Was I interested in selling?

It wasn’t an easy decision. For years, had been my online identity. I’d gotten used to thinking it. I think I’ve typed “Objects At Rest” a thousand times since 2004.

In the end, we came to a deal. Objects At Rest now belongs to Objects At Rest Animation Studios. Man, that’s almost as good a reason for the name as I had, and a better reason than I had when I sold!