An imaginary conversation with Xcode 4 regarding snapshots

Me: Yeah?

Xcode: You want to enable snapshots yet?

Me: No.

Xcode: I’m just asking.

Me: No.

Xcode: They’re good for you, you know.

Me: I’m sure they are, but see, I’ve already backed up my project. In fact, I checked it all into source control. You were there, right?

Xcode: Yeah, but can I enable snapshots? Please?

Me: No. Stop asking.

Xcode: I’ve caught you at a bad time.

Me: That’s not it. I don’t actually want snapshots. They’re redundant, and frankly a bit stupid. It makes me feel like you don’t respect me enough to make my own backups, you know?

Xcode: Oh. I can see that. I’ll ask again later, then.