Apple claims fix to Time Machine security bug

Apple claims to have fixed the issue where applications could run automatically out of a Time Machine backup. Look for CVE-2008-0038 in Apple’s About the security content of Mac OS X 10.5.2 and Security Update 2008-001.

Hierarchical menus suck

In Where Keyboard Shortcuts Win, Gruber talks about Tog’s findings on mouse vs. keyboard. In a footnote, he adds: Especially with most Cocoa apps, where the Find commands are in a sub-menu, and thus take even longer to target using the mouse. To me, this is a real problem on Mac OS. It is not… Continue reading Hierarchical menus suck

HTML search fields

A few days ago I re-added a search field to this site. I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was; the CSS was a little fussy, but that’s more of a fun puzzle than a hard problem.

New in Leopard: Global Login Items?

Not a lot of details yet, but apparently Mac OS X 10.5 supports Global Login Items. This would be a nice thing to have more information on, as I can imagine needing to remove these.

Leopard: First impressions

I used the default packages and install options because I haven’t seen my Office 2004 disc around in a while. The install was slow (I let it check the DVD), but required no intervention.

Completely impossible isn’t.

An assertion is a check on a condition that you don’t expect to ever occur. These checks slow down the program, so they’re usually excluded from release builds. They’re often used in functions to check the parameters, entry and exit conditions.

First impressions of Final Cut Pro

Today I spent my evening helping a friend figure out how to burn DVDs from video he put together in Final Cut Pro. He’s a Mac neophyte, and not really a techie guy in general. This was my first time working with Final Cut Pro.

A brief conversation on web standards

“I’ve got to figure out why he used ALIGN, despite it being deprecated since 1999.” “ALIGN the tag or the attribute?” “The tag.” “Wasn’t it introduced in 1998?” “No, it was introduced in 1995. It wasn’t supported until 1998.”