Dennis Ritchie

Dennis Ritchie, creator of the C programming language, has died at age 70.

This soon after my post on Steve Jobs, I’m unable to write much on the subject. But the C programming language was a major invention in the history of computers, and a significant step in the evolution of computers from academia and processing centres to programs for the real world.

Objective-C memory management

With Automatic Reference Counting (ARC) coming out soon, you could argue this post is coming almost too late. But there’s a lot of confusion over this, and I don’t think ARC will help much if you don’t understand the why of memory management.

After a couple years, I’ve come to adopt some very simple rules for memory management.

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Flux adjusts your monitor’s color temperature

Install Flux right now.

What does it do? Well, at sunset it adjusts the color temperature of your monitor to make it warmer and less glaring. At sunrise, it adjusts it back.

I installed it yesterday afternoon; yesterday and today at sunset, it automatically adjusted my monitor’s color temperature. The difference on the eyes is nothing short of amazing. And if you need to do some accurate color work, it has a menu that lets you turn it off for an hour.

Xcode tip: Renaming files shared by projects

What if you want to rename a file that’s used in multiple Xcode projects? Well, previously I’d rename the file in one project, then open each project in series and correct broken references. But I discovered today that this is unnecessary. If you open all of your projects first, Xcode will fix the references across all of your open projects as you rename files in any of the projects.

For all I know, this has always been a feature of Xcode. But I’ve never noticed it before. So for this stunning display of common sense: Well done, Apple!

Better Xcode warnings through .xcconfig files

Peter Hosey posted a list of warnings he turns on. Here’s the warnings I turn on. It’s mostly the same list.

Rather than set these per project, I have a .xcconfig file I add to my project. I then base each build configuration off this file. Changing the .xcconfig file changes all projects based on it (though with the current Xcode, it’s sometimes necessary to reload the project to get the settings to take).

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