AFNetworking: a well managed open source project

Last week, I talked about Networking using NSURLConnection. In a future post, I’m going to talk about how to use AFNetworking. But first, I wanted to talk about why you should trust AFNetworking as a project in your project. I haven’t been using github for long. That said, AFNetworking is the best-managed git project I’ve […]

Use a Build Phase to validate XML

My application includes some XML files that are used while running to map data from a web service. This has drastically simplified the code I needed to write to parse data from the web service, since I can describe how to decode all of the types of object the web service interacts with simply. If […]

Creativity is not a product of thinking

Who I am is the sum of many parts. More than my mind wants me to believe. There’s a part of me that’s capable of problem solving, of creativity, of insight. My mind is the part of me that questions things. It’s my inner critic. It does most of the talking in my head. Mostly, […]

I’ve changed my mind about Xcode snapshots

In the recent past, I’ve mocked Xcode’s snapshots. They were sluggish and not especially reliable. I’d like to say they were inefficient, too, but the truth is that they were so slow and so unreliable I never bothered to find out. Recent versions of Xcode have been a lot better. I’m not sure when archives […]