Hierarchical menus suck

In Where Keyboard Shortcuts Win, Gruber talks about Tog’s findings on mouse vs. keyboard. In a footnote, he adds: Especially with most Cocoa apps, where the Find commands are in a sub-menu, and thus take even longer to target using the mouse. To me, this is a real problem on Mac OS. It is not […]

Mac OS X runs deleted applications

I filed this as radar #5574036, but it seems significant to share: Imagine that you trash an application because of a security flaw. Say, it handles the URL type foofoo, and is proven to be a security risk. But the developer won’t fix it (or hasn’t fixed it yet), so you’ve removed the application from […]

Completely impossible isn’t.

An assertion is a check on a condition that you don’t expect to ever occur. These checks slow down the program, so they’re usually excluded from release builds. They’re often used in functions to check the parameters, entry and exit conditions.