A one day project

I started work today on an iPhone project with a friend. I figured it would take only a day to get to a reasonable 1.0. I’ve only put in about a half day on it so far, but at this point I’m pretty sure it’s actually a two day project.

Learning a new programming language

It took me a while to learn Objective-C. I started at the most basic level, wondering at the language. What are these brackets? What’s with the @ signs? What’s the difference between a – and a +? These aren’t hard things to learn, but understanding the reasoning behind them helps. And then there’s a point […]

On skins and plugins

I started this post over six months ago, but never quite got around to finishing it. It might never be finished. But this is a thorn to me, so I’m just going to post it as is. Should your new application support skins?

Xcode and iPhone OS 3.0.1

To get Xcode 3.1.3 working with iPhone OS 3.0.1, you’ll need to teach Xcode how to target iPhone OS 3.0.1. Xcode will automatically recognize iPhone OS 3.0.1 and look for a new SDK at a set path. The problem is that SDK doesn’t exist. The good part is that the iPhone OS 3.0 SDK works […]

Macworld Keynote

A few thoughts, based on watching the keynote via QuickTime: Phil Schiller was great. He seemed to be a little nervous in his delivery, but he was interesting in a casual, friendly way. If he has a chance to do some of Apple’s special events in the future, he’ll be a little less awkward.