Props to Simply Computing

I picked up a nice, shiny 24” iMac on Friday from Simply Computing in Langley for my employer to replace my elderly Core Solo mini. Monday, Apple refreshed the model. I realized I didn’t actually mind at all, but it seemed it might be worth a quick email:

I was just wondering if you guys have some sort of “Apple dropped my model the next business day!” policy. I’m not going to lie here – I’m actually satisfied with the old model, I just thought since the timing was so perfect it was worth a two sentence email.

The result? A $200 in-store credit. Which, bluntly, was more than I ever expected. I didn’t have to lie for it, which is good because I wouldn’t have done so. All I had to do is ask.

Thanks, Simply. That was a classy move. I really respect these guys. They’re honest, practical, and not out to screw anyone.